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Thread: Norton Anti Virus 2003

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    Unhappy Norton Anti Virus 2003

    Yes its true.

    I am a dopey git.

    I have a p2 which the bios battery recently went dead in.

    I decided to re-install this which I did

    I installed all my software including norton anti virus 2003.

    Unfortunately as I said I am a dopey git.

    I then set the clock (doh) which has reset my subscription for virus updates.

    I have tried tweaking the registry and re-installing the software.

    Short of a re-install is there anything I can do to reset my subscription to the proper dates.

    P.S this is not a cracking question as after all the product is only 4 weeks young.

    If anyone knows anything about this could you please either post or PM if you prefer not to be in the cracker category.

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    The way I fixed it in the past is uninstall Norton and remove all reg keys then reinstall it and after opening it still showed that date. I went to update the virus defs and it automatically changed the year it's worth a try. This worked for me about 4 days ago.

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    Talking Found It.

    O.K Guys I found all the info I needed.

    I will tell anyone who asks about this how to do it by PM as this is not a cracks forum.

    Also I will be particular about who the info is shared with.


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