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Thread: Microsoft, Best Buy accused of Net scam

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    Microsoft, Best Buy accused of Net scam

    LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- A Los Angeles man has filed a proposed class action lawsuit against Best Buy Inc. and Microsoft Corp., accusing them of scamming customers by charging them for online services without their knowledge.

    The suit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims the alleged scam stemmed from a promotion in which customers at Best Buy, who paid for purchases with credit or debit cards, were given free compact discs that allowed them to try Microsoft's online service, MSN.

    Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, and Best Buy, the largest consumer electronics chain, were partners in a pact dating back to 1999 to promote Microsoft's money-losing MSN Internet access service.
    But Best Buy apparently sent Kim's debit card information to Microsoft, which activated an MSN service account in his name without telling him, the lawsuit said.

    i found the link off of packetstorm...
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Ya. I read that this morning. I mean, geez. That's just asinine. Yet another reason to hate those stupid demo CDs.
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    I've seen those types of "deals"...

    It is in the purchase agreement though.. you have to signup for a specified length of time.
    Thats why I never bought a PC from best buy... that and I'd rather build my own.

    They make it seem like you are getting a good deal... "save $100 dollars <fine print> when you signup for MSN for one year" </fine print>

    As soon as you opt for the $100 off, you have signed yourself up.

    The customer doesn't realize that they just charged them almost $200 more!

    If you figure... you buy the PC and you get $100 off.
    When you opt to take the $100 off, you are automatically signed up and they start charging you for service. Normally around 24.99 a month.

    so... 24.99*12~= 300-100=200 more you just paid.

    Now... I don't know much about the legality of it... but I'm sure they can get away with it.
    Just because the customer didn't read the agreement, isn't their fault. They signed the purchase slip with the fine print. Thats all they care.

    Oh, that was just an example... I'm not sure if thats how that deal was. But I've seen plenty of them. They always have them at the office max, staples, best buys, circuit cities, etc.
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