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Thread: Windows 2003 server launch

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    Windows 2003 server launch

    It was ok. Similar to the last few years in message, basically everything is better, faster and really going to save us all money.
    Once again, there were several new ads to the os that msoft waited until a market proved viable for them and then copied the functionality and rolled it into the os. If you sleep in the monster's bed, beware that it rolls over.

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    MS Statement

    remember, "do more with less", and lower operational cost means less sysadmins? i wanted to ask them if this means, ms is going to lay off their ops staff, since now they could do more with less.


    btw - we have been testing 2003, and it looks more like do more with gui than anything else. given the fact that the product seems to be "enhanced", i can't really say more since we're still testing.

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