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I have a Hp laptop I had a system password on it so when it booted you put the password in right. Ok I went to change the password from "mine" to nothing I typed the old password and just hit the enter key when it asked for a new one. Now when I try to boot it wants a password "mine" doesnt work niether does the enter key can you help?
I've been through this before.. There are usually two different levels of passwords, user and admin, both can get you on the machine. Is the password prompt coming up before windowsME boots? or after?

Assuming it's after, and you don't know any other passwords,contact the manufacturer, or, jump the CMOS battery, I'm not sure if that'll work, it might even void the warrenty (in some cases) even void your warenty, so I'd strongly advise you contact your manufacturer, as they'll know what to do.

Good luck!