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Thread: Linux Issue

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    Linux Issue

    I had to update my version of GTK+ because the previous version was too old. However, when I try to load the new version of GTK+ I keep getting the error no acceptable C compiler in $PATH

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    what does gcc -v tell you?
    What distro do you run?
    What version of GTK+ are you trying?
    Are you building from source or do you use precompiled binaries?

    In short, post more info.
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    Ok, first im no programmer, so i may be wrong and as dice said more info will help with your question, but from what iv read and experianced with Linux, depending on the version of your compiler and the compiler used for some programs in Linux, depends on what will run on certain versions, like if they use a new compler version to compile a program in Linux you need to update some things in Linux, so maybe updating your compiler will help. now if that doesnt work....well then im sure after you post more someone will be able to help.

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    check your path environment variable and see if it contains the directory of GCC. If not add it and do an export PATH.
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