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    Dead computer

    I found a rather humerous article (http://www.cnn.com/2003/LAW/03/07/ct...mes/index.html) The first article is really funny and it is about a man who did something that all of us have had an urge to do, he (literally) shot his computer dead. But that wasn't enough for the man, he actually then hung the computer on the wall as if it was a trophy. The man was soon arrested afterwards for endangering the people near him. Does anybody find this wrong?
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    Doughty was accused Sunday of shooting his Dell laptop four times with a Smith & Wesson revolver in the middle of his Sportsman's Inn Bar and Restaurant.
    Ha! Its not the fact that he shot the computer thats a little disheartening, its where he shot that sucker! This guys got some real balls to shoot that in the middle of a restaurant. Thats funny as hell though.

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    This has already been posted. . . but still funny
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    At least it was a Dell... lol
    'Computers don't kill computers, people kill computers'

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    Just remember:

    "Guns don't kill computers, disgruntled computer users do."

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