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Thread: VB and Winsocks programming

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    VB and Winsocks programming

    hello everybody

    can anyone suggest a good reading for winsocks programming using VB

    i want to program a chat s/w for LAN with file transfer facility.....and no server/client type will be able to detect who is online and who is not.........

    well the 1st prob is that of multiple connections on single winsocks....well i thought of creating a new winsocks control at run time........and give it a different port..but how can i know that another application is not using the same port..........

    second thing that i want to discuss is that.i want to use single chat form..that is when the user will click on a listed username he will be presented with a form to enable him to chat.....for that purpose i want to use single form and load load a new from this form at ru time...but that form will also contain the code...let us say to make the text colorful....so how can i write a code that will change such properties at run time............
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    wwww.planetsourcecode.com has quite a few multi-user winsock projects available for download... or try googling... "VB Winsock Multiple user file transfer" or something like that?

    /edit-> if your pretty new to VB then i'd suggest taking it slow... try to get two winsock client/servers to talk first...

    although a decent start for winsock...

    use the Data Arrival method...
    inside the Winsock1.DataArrival method...
    Data_Var = Winsock1.getdata()
    frmMAIN.text1.seltext = Data_Var & Char$(13)

    to send data first connect;

    Winsock1.connect hostname, port

    then make sure to see if Winsock1.state = sckConnected (or 7)
    before sending any data Winsock1.send or Winsock1senddata....
    not sure right now- don't have vb with me...

    i'll read up a bit and try to help ya out more- pm me if ya need anything else
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    i never made any winsock prog using VB, but i ever made it with C++ .. tampabay said nice with his sote link.
    I found these either mate :

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    i think you definitely will want to check out http://www.winsockvb.com
    it has tutorials and all other questions you may want answered

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    a good place to get ready, and easy to understand codes:->
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    Now that this year old thread is up top... |The|Specialist mumbles something about how he wishes noobs wouldn't bother responding to year old threads. Useing the search features and things is already such a time consumeing task... so why do peaple keep thinking its ok for other member haveing to go through all of this agian & about explaining why the dates are flashing.

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