A few weeks back now, someone posted a link to a website which contained more links to free computer books convering various topics like programming, OSes, networking, etc...

The link was: http://www.intelinfo.com/free_computer_books.html

After thouroughly ransacking what the site had to offer, I came across the following Intro to Security guide:

It's an introductory security guide that covers a good range of (white-hat) security topics at a very basic level all in one spot. I've already had a copy printed and bound for myself and while I haven't read it cover to cover yet, I plan to shortly. Judging from what I have skimmed, it looks to be perfect for the absolute beginner. I highly recommend it to all AO members who are either complete newbies or somewhere between newbie and intermediate understanding.

Opinions of this text are welcome...

Enjoy all,