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Thread: MAYA and 3D

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    MAYA and 3D

    *sigh* i'm currently working on my final project in my 3D animation class here at college, and we use MAYA. now, i've heard a few people go on and on about how MAYA 5u><0R, and Lightwave r0X0rEZ, etc. if anyone has expierence with either/both these 3D softwares, what do you think? i've never used Lightwave or any other 3D software other than MAYA, but i don't mind MAYA that much- course, like i said i don't have a basis for comparison. oh, and if anyone would like to see my final project once it is done (expected date of completion: 5/14/03), PM me and i'll get it to you.
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    Well, the basic issue here is modeling. Lightwave modeling and network rendering is hella better than Maya's. But when it comes to particles, fluids, cloth, skin, lighting, textures, rendering, and animation, Maya beats Lightwave, hands-down.
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    I've used both Maya and Lightwave. I'd have to say that it's strongly a matter of opinion and depends greatly on what type of modeling you're doing, as they both have good points and bad points. I prefer Lightwave personally. You're going to find with this program, it has the best rendering possible from any program you'll find, whereas with Maya, you're better off to use another renderer than the one provided as it doesn't provide the quality. Lightwave lacks some of the features that Maya does, such as beziers and is stronger in modeling rather than animation. It also lacks convienience features, which means when smoothing models, you take the harder way around things rather than a one click fix. It also deals more with box modeling and for larger projects, furthers your deadline. Maya has a layout closer to 3DSM and is easier to learn, IMO and excellent for animations. I don't deal with animation mostly, so I stick with Lightwave. But for what you're doing, I'd highly recommend sticking with Maya, maybe finding a good renderer if you're looking for better quality, such as Renderman.

    Hope this helps.

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