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    LIDS is a good extension beyond the normal Linux security. MAC is the bare minimum required for any system to even be considered secure in my opinion. LIDS adds many other neat functionality/architectural changes to Linux as well. Though the purist will note that a LIDS enabled system is no longer Linux or even UN*X-like. (as it is no longer a single level system)

    Although I like LIDS and strongly believe it is a step in the right direction... I don't think it is appropriate to use in a live non-dev/research environment. The LIDS development model is too immature for my liking and it's MAC structure too closely based on the original Bell-LaPadula model which has a lot of issues. I think the DBAC based Pitbull LX or the Flask based SE Linux as a distant second would be better choices... the jury is still out on HP's Trusted Linux, but it looks promising. They offer simpler to administer security, with a more clearly defined objective (greater design assurance) and more mature development models. (still greater assurance)

    just my two bits


    d'oh forgot to add links:

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    Re: Additional Security Measures for *nix

    Originally posted here by thehorse13

    Whenever I am asked to prepare a *nix server, I *always* issue these commands to check and see which files are SUID,GUID and world-writable.

    * For SUID:

    find / -type f -perm -4000 -ls

    ** For GUID
    find / type f -perm -2000 -ls

    Hi guys,

    You wanna try my trick, you just type "one command" and you will have both SUID and GUID instead of typing "# find / -type -perm -4000 -ls and # find / -type f -perm -2000 -ls"
    sweet# find / -type f -perm +6000 -ls

    I hope you like my trick


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    thnx to Ichnisan and thehorse. Good tips.

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    I'd just like to add a little advise that was given to me by thehorse13...

    If you've ever used Bastille... learn it on a test box!!!

    I have completely locked myself out of root and my normal user accounts can't do jack on the machine. I locked it down a little TOOOO much! LoL Good thing it was a test box... or I'd be extremely pissed right now... I put quite a bit of work into configuring my real server...

    I actaully can't even reboot the sytem or do anything worthwhile... format and reload.

    Anywho... TEST IT ON A TEST BOX and record what you do...
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    Great post, very informative

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    I am surprised that this has not been posted before with so much destail. Excellent TheHorse.

    About time too

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