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Thread: Hacking victim killed a young student...

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    well if u put urself in this man's shoes..
    HE has something to offer that nobody wanted. so he used the internet to BROADCAST his ideas. then suddenly it all went falling apart coz some delinquent hacker deleted all his years and years of work. I know it maybe his fault for not backing up his stuff. but slight consideration here, it was all he had and it was taken away from him. ofcourse he would be really mad.

    and i do find him smart since he managed to track down the hacker (something even the government is having a hard time to do).

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    and i do find him smart since he managed to track down the hacker (something even the government is having a hard time to do).
    I didn't see anything mentioning that the guy he killed had hacked him...

    He supposedly thought* that he was hacked by Shawn Miller.
    EDIT: Corrected by souleman.

    Halder's anger centered on university employee Shawn Miller, a school computer-lab assistant Halder believed had hacked his site, thereby destroying his life.
    If he was mentally ill... I'd bet that he had no idea who hacked him.

    Halder would write about destruction on his Web site, and there were anonymous postings calling him a moron, and a making fun of his fake hair and fake teeth.

    One posting said, "People around you don't like you, so take a hike and get out of our lives."

    Looks like they locked down his website... I can't get to any contnet... all access denied.

    Sad story...

    makes you feel bad for both parties involved... more so for the guy who was killed... but also for the guy who tried to do it the legal way had the door shut on him at any/every avenue that he took. I'm in no way saying what he did was right...

    Just sad all round.
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    The guy he killed was NOT the person that he accused of hacking him. Neither were the other 2 people that he shot. The guy he accused was in the building, but it was never proven that that guy had commited the hack in the first place.

    The killer warned the goverment and the school that if justice wasn't reached, innocent people would pay for it.
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    The Rest Of The Story?

    One of the more complete accounts of the man and events leading up to the trajedy can be found here:
    Many people believe there is a very fine line between "social normalcy" and "the dark side" in most of us, if not all of us. Sometimes it takes a freight-train to move a person to violence, other times in another situation we might be moved by an unintentional nudge.

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    Now that's a disturbing story.

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    Im sorry... Im not a murderer so I guess that somehow lowers my IQ stat. 'eh? All I was saying is if this guy had the mental power to grab a weapon and go on a rampage cause of what happend to his PC/sites then this guy is obviosly a sick loser who if anything else needed a life not just help.

    I mean come on, man... Pills would have helped "a little bit" but sounds to me like all the guy needed was a life and a chance to talk to real peaple instead of yelling at text on some screen all day and whispering cuss words whenever someone 'he thought' was stabing him in the back would walk by.

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    i cant believe some of the things im hearing on this site.
    wanna hack my site
    go right ahead. I STILL WONT SHOOT ANYONE.
    he is crasy he is insane you dont take that bs measure. period end of discussion.

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    Core WTF are you going on about.. You havent read half the posts..

    I have spent most of my life on the edge of oblivion, walking the fine line between light and darkness
    In insane person is someone who has lost the sence of reason, the knowledge of where the fine line is, the very fine line in the grey the fine line between right and wrong. And when they cross that line it isn't a slight excursion like a sunday afternoon outing, it is more like the total commitment of the Roman Legions to England or Palastine. or is it the difference of a cat and dog spat to the complete invasion and occupation of another country (no political comment here)..

    What is normal in the sanity debate? It is the person that is able to hold it together in a socialy acceptable manner every day..

    Insanity is to continually do the same thing repeatedily for years and expect a completly different outcome.
    Genius is being right and getting the different outcome.!
    it is a fine line. come across some time (oh which side.. go to far either side is bad in our society)

    hmm I wonder if this thread has become too philosophical and should be in COSMOS, and Core could have a point..

    ok cheers
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me

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    Originally posted here by souleman
    The killer warned the goverment and the school that if justice wasn't reached, innocent people would pay for it.
    If the guy "followed" the supposed "hacker" through courts, warned the government, warned the school, etc., i can't believe nobody realized about the potential danger they were treating with. What someone has to do so others can realize he/she is dangerous?, even more if he was supposed to be mentally ill, maybe, i'm saying just maybe, he showed some sign of "madness" (maybe not). Anyway, some people never learn this thing happen until they happen, and some times when they happen they still don't learn about it. I'm tired of hearing people killing other people in schools or anywhere.

    My opinion is that someone should have realized about this. You see the movies and they showed you how the "almost-perfect" police, SWAT, FBI, )just examples, hope you understand) resolve the most-impossible cases and bla, bla, bla... but once we talk about reality it is TOTALLY different, "no, we couldn't get the killer in time, hewas soooo inteligent, we just needed one more clue and bla, bla, bla again... Anyway, is just my opinion...



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    So-called peace for all mankind. He can't even practice it among hisself how can he advocate to anyone else. It does seem to smart to me, it seems he never thought it would happen. "Everyone who reads the site will be under my will." Seems like that might be what he was thinking. Instead of taking security concerns into mind.

    One who fails is one who failed to plan!

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