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Thread: Critical need

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    Critical need

    Howdy all,

    KD here with kind of a big problem.... What other kind of problems are there, you might ask yourself? Well you have a point, but that's neither here nor there.

    The issue at hand is I've got a firewall running Winroute and the people at the business I'm consulting for have LOST the password. Obviously I have physical access to the box and I'm not trying to hack anyone.

    My question to you all is simple. Does anyone know of a way to extract the admin password from the box running Winroute?

    Any tips, tricks, or possibilties would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. If you know of a way to compromise the box and you don't wish it to be made public, feel free to PM me. I won't publish your comments.
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    If you have admin access to the box, couldn't you login, backup the winroute config. then uninstall it. Then just reinstall it with a new password and the old config. file?

    Not sure if this would work as I have no experience with winroute.

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    Hi everyone.

    KD, please tell me the version of the winroute, aswell as the exact OS.

    Also have a little peak here if you wish: http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=bugt...s=winroute&q=b

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    Originally posted here by 2pumpChump
    If you have admin access to the box, couldn't you login
    I'm guessing that he can't do this because he doesn't have the admin password, the lost one, in the first place, eh?

    If it is Winroute 5, AND if it was installed to use AD integration, you might be able to get authenticated using an AD Administrator account.

    If not, you can try contacting Kerio.

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    If it's a Windows NT (2k, XP etc) box that isn't a domain controller, you can probably reset the password using the "Offline NT password recovery tool" (Disclaimer: It's worked for me but Mittens reported it occasionally causing a corrupted OS)

    Or any any of the commercial NT password resetters

    Failing that, you can probably install a 2nd copy of NT on the box, install Winroute on that and copy the config over.

    I am assuming here that it's the OS rather than application password that is lost.

    If it's the application, you could see if the vendor has any tips. If the password is stored in a text file or the registry (but encrypted), you could try doing another install of winroute, changing the password to something known, and copy & paste the encrypted value (which is worth a go; works with quite a few programs)

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    Re: Critical need


    download pdf read nr 104 (lost admin password)

    Hope this helps you.

    i m gone,thx everyone for so much fun and good info.
    cheers and good bye

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