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    1. What OS are you running, and did you install it by using the default method.
    2. Did you use a logon password before getting hacked.
    The reason i asked is it could be as simple as a remote desktop, or file share intrution. Im not saying everyone else is wrong, or that you should not format and reinstall. But consider this, if you do reinstall and fail to secure your system you may end up wit the same problem.

    I take it Ill get a "you will be banned warning" for pointing this out, too.

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    if he tries to log onto you again you should go to the command prompt and type netstat -n, look at the last ip and that should be his, and by the way if you find out it is netbus(an older trojan) it would be fun if you installed netbuster so you screw with him(even though netbuster is in the windows trojan section of this site it is NOT a trojan and netbuster actually unistalls netbus from the memory)

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    You may want to contact your isp, they have logs of traffic travelling on their network. They should be able to determine any connections to or from your machine and on what ports. This can be very powerful evidence should this incident ever go to a court room. This measure should only be taken if you continue to be harassed even after following the posted suggestions.

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    Re: Hello...Cracking my accounts

    Originally posted here by CarefulEugene
    Hello everyone..
    First I want to thank everyone involved with this site. It's fantastic. I can't believe how much I'm learning here. I'm completely clueless (non-computer professional) and have been camped out here since I found this site three days ago. Absolutely had no idea there was a community like this.
    Secondly, as a completely raw newbie I'd like to apologize in advance for any mistakes, ignorance, or other missteps I will unwittingly make. I've got a lot of learning to do and I'm trying to catch up as fast as I can.
    Here's the thing...I've been cracked (5-6 days ago) and I'm pretty sure the guy is still after me. I logged into my Hotmail account and my Inbox contents disappeared before my eyes. Then, as I was reviewing a message, the cracker was entering some unsavory, and threatening text into the message. I immediately shut down my system. The guy calls himself MedanHacker.
    I implemented some solutions based on suggestions I found on this site while looking around. ZoneAlarm Pro installed (and working, I might add), plus I did a sweep and clean with PestPatrol.
    Is there anything else I should do ? Should I try to find out how to trace this guy and then forward that onto authorities or should I just leave him alone and hope he just moves onto somebody easier ?

    Thanks again !!
    Hey you just talk about MedanHacking,rite? that group located in Indonesia which I heard pretty tough hacker group also the fuc* many website in Australia for any reasons *REVENGE* I red that on the internet said afetr they fuc* a website they sill say *WAR HACKER,REVENGE FROM MEDANHACKING* or someting like dat.

    I'm a newbie in computing and will anyone will teach me about creating firewall,plz? I really want to noe about *Defence my self before attack someone else ^-^ .If u can reply me in private message.thanx b4


    a netstat? how does it work and how I gonna use it if someone put trojan in my kompie? does any way(s) to trace ppl ?

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    LOL , MedanHacker. That's A good one.You Are probably infercted with some sort of lame trojan.Run netstat -a , and if port 27374 or 31337 is listening , then you might be in trouble. But reset all e-mail passwords and download a free trial of trojan remover from www.simplysup.com.Good Luck.
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