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    Legal Information safe on Wi-Fi Network???

    Here in news article i read where a whole Legal firm is going wireless. They're whole building has done away with wires and everyone's computer is now wireless with a Wi-Fi LAN.
    Last October, McMillan Binch LLP, a firm with 160 attorneys and a high-profile technology law practice, wirelessly activated all 125,000 square feet of its high-rise office space in downtown Toronto.
    Think there will be hackers sittin outside the building in there car spoofing their MAC's and looking around at confidential documents??? I dunno if thats the first firm i'd go to for my problems.

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    Well, i have a wi-fi network and you can put an alphanumeric password on it so any new computers that try to join it will have to get by that, but i'd think or at least hope their network would be pretty secure.

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    Boy oh boy, if you ask me, I think it's a little early to hanging yourself out there like this. The technology is still relatively new - especially from a security perspective. Hmmm...when's my next vacation...Toronto's lookin' kinda good now...haha ... j/k

    No, really, I think it they are taking a big risk, but aren't we all by connecting to the internet...still though, I think it's crazy...JMO


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    Wireless networking has set network security back twenty years. Even with a 128-bit WEP key, which they are undoubtedly using, anyone can get in with enough time. With a combination of WEPCrack and NetStumbler there is no "secure" wireless network. I run wireless but then again, I am not a law firm. Deftones, you are probably right in not wanting to do business with them. Good Post though

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