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Thread: Any old school phreakers here?

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    Any old school phreakers here?

    I was wondering. Is it still possible to play tones(DTMF I believe) into a payphone to receive free calls. It was once possible to record the tone a quarter made, then you could simply play back that tone into the payphone and receive a 25 cent credit. Can this still be done?

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    I doubt that this is still possible. Just a side note, i had a neighbor who did a little phreaking of his own, allowing himself to make "free" long distance phone calls. That didnt last too long, cause he went to jail for it. I would proceed with caution.

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    This is definately not an AO type question..... but since the answer can do no harm. i'll answer it......

    Maybe if you were in the middle of nowhere and they had a phone that was 20 years old.... you could use a tone generator to make a phone call... but newers payphones have protection against this.. they are full of electronics now that protect against it.... That's why you don't hear the tones when you drop in coins now-a-days...

    It's the same as the paper-clip trick no longer works.. phones are getting smarter...

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    What you're talking about is called red boxing. It's still possible, but the methods have been modified since ESS was installed. Depending on where you are, you either have to ground the microphone or use real money for the first coin. It may not even work at all, but back here in the styx (SW Wisconsin) it still does. The box is relatively easy to make. I don't have plans for it, but google can help you out.

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