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Thread: hackin' Apache web server

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    hackin' Apache web server

    Hey guys,

    Im kind of a newbe in apache servers and i own one but the problem is that i need to know how to hack it to fill security holes

    I need ways to hack it!!!

    thank you

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    Bah.... I've got a better idea. How about you just tell us what version # that you have and either me or one of my fellow AOers can help you spot holes/fixes before your pounded with neg for wording your post like this.

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    I agree with the comments the specialist has made, but i will however give you a tip. In order to hack, or take something apart, you must know how to create it first, and also how to secure it. I recomend you make your own apache, and secure it. You will find many sources here on AO on how to create secure servers, systems, etc. I suggest you have a look at this page here, it describes in detail on how to setup a secure apache webserver.


    Rember, this is a security site, not a crackers site.

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    Perhaps you need to take speech delivery techniques from Delta4ace. Consider it your first lesson in "Social engineering". Notice the question, then the immediate justification? He still got negged but was a good attempt. Take notice


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    hmmm. how to hack it eh?? sounds like u be wantin to know how to hack it so u can go hack somewhere else besides your own box.

    lol. Hjack

    you should have persented it, saying this:

    I just started running my apache server, i switched different servers because i was told apache was better, but now i am not familiar with the holes that are involved i would like to know what some common security holes are in apache so i can patch them. Any response would be greatful, thank you.

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