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Thread: Need help with XP! Folders and DOS

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    Need help with XP! Folders and DOS

    I just started using windoze xp and have several questions.
    1. Why is my browser history folder I.E. 5 showing empty, but if I click the history button when the browser is open it shows sites visited. The cookies and temporary internet file folders are also empty when checked through windoze explorer or my computer, but we know they're not really empty don't we? I have "show hidden and system files" checked.!!!???

    2. A related topic, sometimes the index Dat. file is there and sometimes not!

    3. With windoze 98 I could restart in Dos and do my thing. With XP I can get the command prompt but it doesn't seem to be the same as restarting in dos. For example it doesn't recognize the deltree command!

    Any light shed will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. BSB!

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    1. There are a number of sites (many of which have been listed in the archives) which discuss this issue. The only way to clear them effectively is to use a third-party tool.

    2. In my experience, the index.dat only shows up when you're actually browsing sites. But I haven't used IE on XP in a while, so I may be mistaken.

    3. Windows XP doesn't have "DOS". It emulates DOS through the Command Prompt (which you obviously found), but there is no way to access many of the old DOS commands. Nowadays, though, you typically don't need old DOS commands such as deltree because you can do nearly all of it via Windows Explorer.


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    1. I believe your're viewing your Temporary Internet Files and History wrongly. The path should be "C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Local Settings" The temp and history are all there, go back one for the cookies. You may get the "Content.IE5" folder when you look in the Temporary Internet files while going through the "Default User" instead of "Your User Name" folder. I think that's the problem, but I'm not positive.

    2. Ok, so what's the big deal?

    As for number 3 I'm not sure, maybe someone else can assist.

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    Thanks, You were both right. And fast tooo!

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    hi Bsb..
    check out http://www.****microsoft.coma a
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    Oh .. The Temp internet Files (the history information) is "hidden" just change your 'View" settings to enable View System and Hidden Files..

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