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    a small doubt......when ever u start a pc u get a beep sound from the speaker inside the cabinet ...the sound tells us that the system is perfect and the components are installed properly..if not the beep sound will increase the duration..so till this its ok ...now how does the speaker know that the components are perfectly installed...who checks the perfection of the system and who sends the message to the speaker.to give the beep sound...please give the answer as quickly as u can....
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    my guess would be the bios- since it is the main controller of everything at startup. i could be mistaken tho.
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    I'm not sure 'who' does all this, but everything you're talking about is controlled by bios. Basic Input Output System (bios) is stored completely in the hardware on the motherboard. You may notice on startup you're pc will say something like "hit f1 to enter setup" or something like that. That's bios setup. If you don't know what you're doing, leave it alone. All of these settings are stored in bios (well, techically it's cmos, but that's unnessesary info. for your question). The beep doesn't tell you that your system is perfect, just that it's not broke. Any more questions, just ask.

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