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Thread: Hi i'm new and i have a question

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    Arrow Hi i'm new and i have a question

    My question is what does it mean when I message someone on Aol instant messenger and the person doesn’t type anything they just “Connect to Send Image” over and over until I accidentally pressed enter and we have a connection, and then he closes the connection.

    I didn’t understand what he was doing at first so I logged on as a different screen name and he tried doing the same thing again.

    Can someone explain what went on? Or what should I do?

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    The way you describe it's prolly someone who wants to know you ip, via AOL, MSN, and sort ... you can obtain the ip of someone by
    putting up a real connection, not just chat, cause file transfers in chats are only set up via AOL, MSN, and then become p2p.
    That way they have a direct connection and simply can do a netstat to obtain your ip or sending something malicious.

    Anyway, this may be a lil paranoid ... , but heh this IS a security site hah...

    BTW but do you know those persons then ?
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    Lmao the guy is getting your IP address. If you on aim all he does is have to make a direct connection to your computer and then go to the ms-dos command prompt and type netstat -n and get your IP your ip would look something along the lines of the 4443 is the default port that aim uses for direct connections. Well if you like my reply give me AO points. lol later man

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