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Having Norton AntiVirus is a good thing, plus being up-to-date. I would make sure to have all of the current Windows security patches installed, plus you might want to look into getting some sort of firewall software. Everyone here seems to stand by Zone Alarms, but a simple search of "firewall software" in a search engine will give you a lot to look over.

The reason why a firewall would be good, is because you can control who is connecting into you. Because the firewall will block all comunication ports but what you set active. Which is nice because that way no one can use any sort of port scanner to try to find a "back door" into your computer. Plus typical firewall software will tell you who is trying to connect in and on what port. If you notice that you keep getting a connection attempt on noe specific port, or you have a certain IP that keeps trying to get into your computer, you might be able to take better actions by blocking IPs and such.

A firewall software package you might want to check out would be Zone Alarms, or even Norton Personal Firewall.

Just a thought...

Is there any free Firewalls? the ones i checked cost money

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Hes trying to get your IP address. And I hope his is someone you know because if your connecting to strangers your a fool.

I didnt try to connect with him, he was on one of those aol chats, i msg him then he began trying to connect and wouldnt talk, then after he tried so many times i accidently accepted because i was chating with someone else.

But i didnt see a picture come up, as soon as we connected he closed the connection.