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Thread: Off Topic Humor

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    Off Topic Humor

    I realize that this does not fall under computer humor, but is quite funny none-the-less.
    I hope you enjoy it :-)

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    More OT Humor

    This is good too...

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    lol @ last one
    test drivers welcome?? has anyone from the states actually tried dialing any of those numbers heh bet its like his teachers nhumber or something....we used to do that all the time...well not quite but we would take pics of like a teachers car and put it on like autotrader.co.uk with a really low price or get pics of like a bmw and sell it really low and put our teachers number beside it - not that i condone these kind of actions....ahhhh to be young and foolish again


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    I dont know anyone who calls in on these things either. Those were pretty good curtis.

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