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Thread: Misplaced Messages

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    Misplaced Messages

    I've been seeing more and more threads in the "AntiOnline: How do I? or What is?" that do not belong there. I've seen at least 5 today that Mittens or Negative had to move. I hope you all understand where I'm coming from here... just doing my part to make this place better.

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    There was a suggestion a while back to rename it to something more representative of what the forum was about. Maybe something like 'Site Related Discussion', just something that makes it explicitly clear that the forum is about the site, and not a place to ask questions about security or computers in general.

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    I dunno, I think it makes sense...all you have to do is read the little sub title to understand it's how do I's about the site. . . but I'm probably wrong. Maybe it does need to be renamed to maybe "Questions about the site"...Who knows..
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