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    Lightbulb About P2P !!!

    Hi ,
    Well i m a newbie ...and i wud like to start a P2P network on the LAN ...!!! And i want to know which software is available on the net which will help me in doing so ...!! I want all the ppl on the LAN to connect to my P2P cleint so dat we can all share files on the LAN ...!!! Kindly tell me how can i do it and also i want to configure the P2P to suit the needs of my LAN ...and then distribute that configured P2P client on the LAN ...so that even newbies like me dunt have ne problem ...!!!

    Any kind of help wud b really appreciated ...!!!

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    Amazing what Google finds, no ?


    An example of software package you can find


    Btw, I assumed you use Windows....
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    Just curious why you would not want want to setup a server for this.
    Then you can have all of your files that'd you'd share in the "shared folder" more easily available and more secure.
    Just make sure you have good backups.

    That way you aren't using tons of resources by keeping several copies of your files.

    At least, thats what I did. Just make sure you lock it down some so people can't go messin round with your personal stuff but everyone can have access too software, mp3s, movies, their webpages, etc.
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    Well if you're all using windows why not just use file sharing over the lan? You can password protect shares even so that if you're on a big network you can just let your friends get the files. But if you really must go the way of a P2P server over lan: www.uwgo.net

    It's a p2p server that will run over a lan, made for setting up p2p networks over university campus' although it doesn't work well when every residence on the network runs off a different router
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    You'd do good for yourself if you listen to the advise phishphreek80 just gave you. Your operating system provides build in features to do exactly what you want to do, even windows. Simply enable the file sharing features for your operating system. Which ever the operating system is, it'll give you the capability to serve any files you want to your local area network. If you need to receive incoming files, you can allow write access to trusted hosts in your environment (not the internet). For added security, you can even enable some of the built in authentication mechanisms for you OS.

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    Just to let you know, if you are sharing Mp3 files or other things here is some info, a local college student at Maryland University ran a P2P client that let anyone download his mp3's and some warez, he just was given a legal proposition that bassically said, if you don't stop running this service we will sue you for a enormously large amount of money (i forget what is was but it was well over a mil.). so just to let ya know.

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    Yeah there's always the legal aspect, my university already made it clear that we're not allowed to run servers and just to enforce it they put a daily bandwidth limit on us, only 250MB a day with the limit being lifted a bit after hours, they charge us something like $0.05 on every MB we go over. I'm used to hitting 5GB on a good day just from downloading a linux distro to test out. On a lan in your house the best way by far is to just use what your os already gave you like phishphreek said, it's what most people use at university even.
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    For shareing files on a LAN your best bet is to just use file sharing on windows. I am assuming u don't use linux cause you said you're a newbie. when you set up your lan all the computers should have "grown" new folders labeled "my shared folder" or something to that effect. Just put the files you want to share in that folder and BAm your ready to go. you dont need any kind of p2p software unless you plan on going outside the LAN

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