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    Question Anti-virus solution

    Ok people out of interest i just wanted to know what peoples oppinions were on what was the best anti-virus software out of:
    Nortons anti-virus
    Trends PC-CILLIN

    or if you have another one just write in and I'll add it, if possible try and add resons of why you think it is better. Hopefully this should be a help for people trying to choose an anti-virus solution.

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    Personally I like Norton's, it hasn't failed me yet as far as I know and I haven't had a virus hidden in anything on this computer yet. It even does a good job at catching the virii in kazaa downloads, yes I use kazaa but mostly for finding a song now and then to learn on the guitar.

    I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this but some older versions of McAfee always seemed to use up memory and never free it, on my parents old pc it would bring it to a halt after running for less than 3 hours. Same with a friend of mine, they called me up and asked me to take a look at their pc when it froze all the time and it worked great after I removed McAfee. I'm not sure if it was a memory leak in a specific version or if they've fixed it, I haven't used it on any computers that I've been logged into for more than an hour or so in the recent past.
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    All i can say is AVG, which can be found at--> www.grisoft.com, its free and it works beautifully. I've used it for well over a year, and it can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it. This has been posted numerous times though, so if you do an advanced search you will find a bunch more indepth info on your question.

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