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Thread: Any True HTML writers out there

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    Any True HTML writers out there

    Nowadays everyone uses front page, it seems to me that i am one of the few that writes all my code in raw form, i don't use front page at all, and i never would, html, xml, php, java script all in my head, now i make websites for valentines day and i get mad money with just writing my code once, than i use my great skills at copy and pasting. lol. but if u are a true writer, and no html, java, ..... proggy user than post here to know that u are not alone.

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    I learned HTML when i was 10. It's not that hard. There're some good tutorials out there on HTML. If you're gonna do anything with the web, you should learn the language of the web.

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    Yeah, i write all my own HTML and javascript, but i havent done a webpage in forever. Think i might just do one now for kicks.

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    I write all my HTML, CSS and PHP from scratch using text editors, but most people I know use Frontpage or Dreamweaver. WYSIWYG editors are improving, but you can still tell when someone has used one rather than hand-coded everything.

    Each to their own I suppose though, it took me a long time to learn HTML and everything else, it's probably not worth the effort unless you run a lot of sites.
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    I started with netscape Composer but then after recommendations from some great fellow AO people moved to evrsofts FirstPage. It's a great editor with a tutorial and has preview capabilities.

    What bugs me with WYSIWYG engines are the overhead in the finished product. I can easily save 30 - 50% in size by coding it myself. I know no one worries about size anymore. I learned fortran programming in the 70's, the largest a program could be was 8K.

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    I have to admit, I'm a user of Dreamweaver, but it's very good for layout, especially when dealing with sliced images (and why you would handcode those, is beyond me, when it is easily done - without bloat - if you know how to go back in and handedit what you're doing) everything else I do is done on notepad, so besides layout, I prefer to do things by hand.

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    am with GG on this one - i work as a web-designer and using dreamweaver saves soooooo much time when setting up the basic layout etc...I'll still go in and tweak the code by hand but the vast majority of layout is done in dreamweaver so i think wysiwyg proggies have their place


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    I too have worked as a webdesigner (aka script-slave). I think its all good as long as you follow a standard.
    I allways follow the 4.1 standard, most* coders dont, I dont understand why really... I mean If you write valid HTML you get sooooo much less hazzle. Your customers really likes it and it looks good on paper and ohh, its a standard, follow it why dont ya?

    * Not all
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    I agree with GG in that it can be faster to use Dreamweaver and the like to create a layout, although I've got so used to (and fairly fast at) hand-coding that I just keep a number of CSS templates (and some table-based ones) which I can quickly change the values and colour schemes of and then just drop content in. I suppose it all comes down to what you're used to - I used Netscape Composer for my first site (the good old days of NN4 eh?), and then learnt HTML and hand-coded everything else from scratch after that.
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    Its all good if u can work with dream weaver and front page and proggies like that, but if you can do the same thing with just html, xml, java, w/e. Theres a certain pride in it that u know it all by knowledge and you don't have a program do the work for you.

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