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Thread: C#

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    How anyone ever heard of C# and know where i could get a compiler?

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    Visual C# .NET 2003 is the tool set for creating XML Web services and .NET-connected applications for Window and the Web using the component-oriented C# development language.

    This link will help you out.

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    C# is a fairly new language released a few years ago and is very flexible from what ive read.

    I believe you can get a compiler here: http://www.go-mono.com/c-sharp.html
    And some info on C# is here: http://webdeveloper.earthweb.com/web...cle.php/922211

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    The original implementations are part of Microsoft's .NET SDK. You don't need to buy Visual Studio.NET in order to get this, you can download it without extra cost from Microsoft (provided you have a licence for NT4 ,Win2k or XP pro already)

    There is also at least one independent implementation, Mono, which is available for Linux too

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    There is the microsoft .net sdk which will allow you to write your code and compile it from the command line.

    There is visual studio .net which get's progressively more expensive depending on the package.

    And finally there is mono which started on linux and i hear there is an implementation of it for windows now.

    c# is a decent c syntax language and is alot like java. I currently use it for asp.net web applications, web services, normal apps, etc. You can whip things together fairly quickly with it.

    A quick google search will reveal a ton of c# related resources on the internet.
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    I have to say C# is probably the best thing Microsoft ever dreamed up in the past fifteen years. It is basically Java running on the much faster Common Language Runtime. C# borrows ideas from C++ and Java, combining them beautifully. However, most net-based functionality still has to be coded from scratch whereas java has most of the implementation done, this gives ya a little more freedom.
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    i already posten something on that topic .... see


    ........ if u didnt already read this

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    As slarty says, the actual C# compiler and the .Net runtime environment is free, you don't need the Visual Studio IDE. I think it's about a 30MB download you can get from msdn.microsoft.com.

    But, you will have to find an editor, and you will have to compile your programs from the command line. Also, you must learn how to create makefiles if you want to create larger projects. The Visual Studio IDE will do all that for you, but it's quite expensive, although I think there are student versions that are less expensive.

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    It seems Borland has released C# Builder Pro for $999.00. That seems quite high for an IDE for C#, since in my opinion one of the main advantages of using a “Builder” IDE is for RAD development. C#, like Java, is such a nice language (with a great class library). It allows you to create a quick GUI without ever needing to use much more than a text editor.


    other resources

    Mono C# compiler - http://www.go-mono.com/
    Dot Gnu Portable .Net Project - http://www.southern-storm.com.au/portable_net.html

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    Originally posted here by IceStorm
    It seems Borland has released C# Builder Pro for $999.00. That seems quite high for an IDE for C#l[/url]

    that price is outrageous...

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