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Thread: xp pro display and bootup problem

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    Question xp pro display and bootup problem

    hi, im running winxp pro, when i booted this morning at first it wouldnt boot, i would get that stop error blue screen mentioning something about vxaski.sys or something similar to that, i tried system restore but that said my restore points were incomplete due to an incorrect shutdown, even though i always shut down the computer properly

    i now find that my colour settings are stuck on 800x600 and what appears to be 16 bit, xp says its 4 bit, my monitor and graphics card still appear on the disp properties screen but i am unable to change them at all, xp wont allow it

    do you think this could be a virus i acquired or is this one of those times where you have to do a full reinstall of your o/s?

    heres my sys specs if that helps:
    gf4 Ti4200 (128 meg)
    Samtron 56E monitor
    amd 2100
    512 meg ram
    40 and 20 gig hard drives
    dvd and burner

    also i only recently (last nite) installed a burning program called 'alcohol 120%', im very suspicious as to whether all these problems ahve something to do with this burning program, am i right in assuming this?

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    if you installed alcohol 120% from the official site it shouldnt be that however this may be just a guess but sometimes (it happened to me 'bout month ago) your graphix card drivers get deleted and you symptoms point to that so hop (yes hop) on over to a site that has the drivers and download the latest ones

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    I don't guess it would hurt to try and uninstall that program that you put on. See if that helps any, or do what jax said and find the latest drivers.

    If none of that helps then you might try disabling all of your startup files.

    If worse comes to worse then you might end up having to reinstall your os. But If it started acting up after you put the alcohol program on there then I would think that that would be the problem.

    BTW: anybody have a link to that program

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    Hey Everyone,
    Well it can be the program u installed (unstall it and see what happens) or One opinion is to reinstall windows. Well if it still does this after unstalling the program (alcohol 120%). Also your video card pixel settings is staying at 800x600. I think you should reinstall windows and start new. But before you do that try running your anti-virus on the program (alcohol 120%). I also want to ask you how long have you had XPpro??
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    What file system are you using? .. if FAT32 enough said

    I support the damaged Video Drivers to check first.. but if Alc 120% isnt from the writers certainly get someone else to scann the files for you, or get someone to do a AV scann of your HDD..

    also I have had ppl with intermittant probs like yours with the video.. cause The Video card not seated correctly.. reseat and reboot.. this can cause some bloody strange boot probs as well as lockups..

    If the O/S has lost its recognition of the driver either due to file corruption or hardware problem it will run default drivers this will lock you in one of several screen modes .. usually 800x600 (sometime 640x480) and 256 colours.(16colours in extreem cases)

    See how ya go

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    turned out to be the graphics drivers, they got majorly screwed up, did manage to get into windoze in safe mode (in 4 bit colour, very ugly), and get online to get the latest detonator drivers, all i can say is thank god for my linux box otherwise there would been trouble...

    btw i have ntfs on all the drives

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