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    Unhappy unblocking the filtering software

    We are using Iprism (stbernard) to filter traffic in our intranet(sex pages, games, auctions). The software+hardware combination blocks the HTTP PORT 80 and other ports to filter the traffic of the internet. Is there any software to open these ports for my intranet/workstation?

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    i assume out of your post that you have admin rights...

    Can the Proxy feature in iPrism be disabled for traffic passing through it?

    You cannot disable the proxy feature in iPrism for workstations that you want to filter. However, you can use the 'Proxy Exception' feature in iPrism to designate particular workstations or servers NOT to use iPrism as a proxy, providing unfiltered access. Proxy Exceptions can be used based on source or destination IP addresses. To configure proxy exceptions, use the Proxy Exceptions tab in the Access menu.

    source: http://www.stbernard.com/products/su...m-faqs.asp#Can the Proxy feature in iPrism be disabled for traffic passing through it?
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    Angry I have not admin rigths

    Thank u for ur answer, but i have not administration rights to the iprism.
    i Certainlly check out the proxy exceptions at stbernard.com but, Is there any other way to do
    it ?

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    Is this for self education? Or do you want to look at stuff you shouldn't look at whilst at work/school? If so, the filter is there for a reason...if you go snooping around trying to get around it, it might send up a red flag to the person who does have admin rights. And that can get you into serious troubles (ie suspended from school/fired from work) Whatever it is, wait till you get home to see it.
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    tech's right if you are trying to view pages that you shouldn't be from work/school you could land yourself with big probs - but if you have a valid reason for trying to view the pages why don't you ask the admin if he can unblock certain sites or allow you use of a workstation without the filtering software??? If your reason's are good enough as to why u have to view certain pages then am sure he/she would let u


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