There have been a number of posts asking for members to analyze individual's BSODs in the past week or so. In light of this, I thought some of you might be interested in a software package which is developed specifically to allow for simple yet in-depth analysis of Windows BSODs. The package is called Alexander SPK (which stands for System Protection Kit). I recently learned about this product and am currently waiting for a representative to demonstrate the program.

Here is a link for information:

It was also featured in a recent issue of Network World (which is why I thought you would be interested, because I personally get a lot out of NW). You can read their review of the product here:

Anyone have any experience with this program, or another like it? Once I manage to get the company rep. out here to demonstrate the product, if I think it will suit my needs, I'll deploy it and write an in-depth review about it once I have thoroughly tested it.