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Thread: w32 Fizzer

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    Exclamation w32 Fizzer

    Although this virus is not on High Alert Please note that it has hit 3 networks I am aware of.

    The virus sigs to detect and quarantine were only updated 3 days ago.

    P.S this is not a hoax. I have it here on disk and my new symantec signatures dont detect it and I just downloaded them.

    The message title incoming was "re:I love you" and it was a ".txt.exe" file.

    This is not listed as one of the mutations of the virus.

    I have run this on an old system here off the network and it does seem to have a full working payload.

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    Mark mate!!!

    see also these threads Posted YESTERDAY...

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    And I don't think you need to delete this Mark, My point was not your thread was un-needed.. I hate myself sometimes as I seem to come across as a Hitler. and I am sorry for that.. I am trying..

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