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Thread: Want Grut 4 PC - Try this (News story)

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    Want Grut 4 PC - Try this (News story)

    Thought that this may interest a few..

    IBMS new toy.. read it in this News Story

    IBM has unveiled its most powerful mainframe computer yet and said it will offer customers the chance to tap computing resources as needed without buying a dedicated machine.
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    I really like the name of that sucker "T-Rex" that's a good comeback to Sun's comments about the mainframes.

    But customers who only occasionally need such capabilities won't have to buy their machine. IBM also is deploying z990s at its data centres as part of the company's "on-demand" computing strategy.
    Does this mean that you may rent them for a period of time? And they didnt mention the on-demand price, then again i reckon those who are looking at mainframes, are bigger companies who can drop the 1 million.

    Interesting article.

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