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Thread: 9 to 25 pin serial adapter.

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    9 to 25 pin serial adapter.

    Here are the pinouts for a 9 to 25 pin serial cable

    9 PIN D-SUB FEMALE to the Computer.
    25 PIN D-SUB MALE to the Serialcable.

    9-Pin 25-Pin
    Carrier Detect 1 8
    Recieve Data 2 3
    Transmit Data 3 2
    Data Terminal Ready 4 20
    System Ground 5 7
    Data Set Ready 6 6
    Request to Send 7 4
    Clear to Send 8 5
    Ring Indicator 9 22

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    for those that need it but won't post here


    But I am lazy.. if I need one I got a doz in the draw, if I run out (like IF) I have a chart on the wall with the pin outs of a lot of the common adaptors and connectors.. but I is spoilt little und3rtak3r.. but you never know when you need to get your soldering iron hot and wet..

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