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Thread: Need Info

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    Need Info

    yea im still alive, i need info on making a forum for a toy store www.2ndstartoys.com. i need something thats SIMPLE EXTREMELY simple..... the people that will be going here are most likely computer savvy like ourselves.

    on a side note, peoples from irc, e-mail me: SarinHippy@MagickSoft.com

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    Have you looked at PHPNuke ?

    I am not the developer of my team so I don't know firsthand. But, I have seen PHPNuke used in various places to create the whole web site.

    I know that one of the PHPNUke modules is Forums and they work very well. I don't know if its possible to use just the PHPNuke Forums module though without PHPNuke making up the main web site though.

    Hope that helps-

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