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Thread: <mumbles>damn...fackin......Ao...buggerit...</mumbles>

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    Arg!!! sometimes I hate this site >_<;
    imagine the scene ::::

    you have a huge web-design project to do including Flash menus and all pictures to be ready to give to show a perspective client the next day........

    You have the general layout done but nothing else....the flash sits untouched, the images are all still labeled img0001.jpg etc (all images are for online gallery of people taken at the club with digicam)

    So you come into work early and decide to get a full days work in so you can relax at home and not have to bring your work home with you....even though you don't get home till 9pm >_<

    So you sit down and start working - pausing briefly to fire up winamp (and look for a new skin as your bored of current one...after all it is 5mins old)

    You open up the template you started the night before and start to fill in the context - of course you dont start with the index page that would be too easy....nah lets start with the gallery.....

    5 mins later your bored ok looking at pics of drunks in the nightclub so you decide to check your emails - nothing new in the last 30secs...how strange!?

    well might as well check Ao as well might be something worth reading..........

    you check your watch and you now have 2hrs till the offices close for the night - you have bugger all of the site done.....the flash menus ain't even started, you have no idea what content your gonna add and you ain't even worked on the sales pitch!!

    panic grips your soul - then u think buggerit am screwed now might as well carry on posting and then go for a cig.....

    /me danders outta office - I've earned a smoke break


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    *Jumps up and down and waves*

    Hi sweety!!! How's it goin, how's the girl, how's the new job, how's the house, how's everything!?!?! Been awhile since I talked to you...best pop into IRC sometime and let me know what's going on.


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    yeah has been too long hun - well just got offered a new job yesterday in Glasgow!! well isn't reallynew same company just doing dif thing but its for the 2nd of June where as i wasn't planning on moving till July oO so 2 weeks to get everything sorted!!

    find a flat up there with Alison, get my accounts in order down here, etc etc etc

    so much to do and so little time >_<; but will try and get on the boards/irc more when i can - heh hoping to get a 1meg line in new flat in glasgow as soon as i move in all to myself - woohoo!!!!!


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