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    So james526372001, which previously BANNED member are you?


    You seem to know enough about AP's, so you must have been here before and now your back to see how much **** you can stir up.
    So come clean, who did you use to be?

    Oh, never mind, your not going to last long anyway's


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    Note...trust me you cannot create a new virus with the VCL, all it will do is modify some existing ones (mostly you end up makeing stoned veriants). This was done for a reason NoWhere man was vary lasy coder, and he didn't want any one useing it to gain access to some spacifice places. So you are better off with a true AV tester.
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    VCL is lame. And it's signature is easily recognized by even the worst AV software. Why don't you study computer programming and by the time you learn enough about programming to actually write a virus you prob. won't want to.

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    I just want a quick and easy way to test out my anti virus program i have made
    Ok... If you've managed to "make" an antivirus program... why can't you make a virus without a kit?

    Just curious.
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    Originally posted here by phishphreek80

    Ok... If you've managed to "make" an antivirus program... why can't you make a virus without a kit?

    Just curious.
    That's what I was about to say. James, you must have at least a little programming know-how to make a virus program that is better than Norton, MacAfee, etc. Right? Why else would you have made it?
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    if you want to test your antivirus why not just download virus source code

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    If you really want to test your antivirus software (which I sincerely doubt you have the knowledge to create in the first place, given your posts so far), just go do the downloads section and download some of the trojans and such listed there (BO, for instance). If your antivirus works, it should detect it. If it doesn't, you'll be able to have some fun running a BO server on your system. ;-)


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    Someone on the first page said "I am sure it is still on the internet somewhere" so I decided to try and find it...

    Quick google search... you can look at the results and see that many of them are places to purchace a CD that contains it, but oh look... on the very first page...
    .Virus Tools. Datei herunterladen: sic-vir.zip -- Größe (Bytes): 7755sic-vir,
    7755, Virus Creation Lab . Datei herunterladen: SkamWerks ...
    gee, guess what you can dl from there.... and the search took me all of about 35 seconds.
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    Souleman, I remember when Phalcon/Skism released the Virus Creation tool in the early to mid 1990's and spawned a upspur of virii in the wild. However, these tools tend to have the same signature and structure so you will not have much luck concealing or doing much with it anyway.

    If you are really interested in creating a virus, do yourself a favor. Sit down with Phalcon/Skism/NuKE Virus Writing Guides... it is at least 10 volumes big and shows you every nook and cranny of creating them. Wait... even these guys say you MUST know at least some Assembly. So learn assembly THEN read the guides. I will gurantee you will become l337 in no time.

    The guides are on this site along with other code. The zine distributed by this group was called none other than 40hex. Dunno if they are still around. This is really, really old school.

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    lmfao wtf is ur problem u know this site isnt about this kind of stuff so stop posting stupid ****.

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