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Thread: Ummm, I'm kinda stumped....like seriously

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    Question Ummm, I'm kinda stumped....like seriously

    OK, first off: Greetings!

    Second off (?): I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this but it didn't seem to fit with any of the others. Please bear with me. I'm new to this.

    Now, onto my problem.

    You see, my PC keeps booting up all on it's lonesome. I'm catching some Zzzzz's and next thing I know, she's humming like a bird. Now, before you ask, YES - I do have one scheduled task set (Norton virus scan, set for once a week @ 11:00PM) but the thing is, this auto-boot thingie happens, like, not at that time.

    What's doing?

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and catchya l8r


    Ok, so I forgot to mention my OS. I've been awake for three and a half days. Give me a break (or coffee).

    I'm running a WinXP (build 2600!) home system AMD Athlon XP 2100 with 512Mb RAM, 80 GB HD @ 7200rpm, GF4 MX 440 GPU.


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    Are you shutting your computer down all the way at night? or do you have your power button set to hibranate mabey? If so, slight mouse movement or a keystoke would awaken your computer. If not, mabey it's a faulty power button? Seems rather odd... in the mean time you could just unplug it
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    Perhaps advanced power is setup, check your bios, the systme may be set to wake on lan/keyboard/mouse/ at a spacific time.
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