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Thread: Autoclave v0.3

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    Autoclave v0.3

    Autoclave is a wipe tool, or secure deletion software. I have used many of these tools, but I thought Autoclave is one of the better ones, not only is it pretty straight forward, but you can choose the number of passes to wipe your entire drive with. Many of these tools, for complete drive sanitation will only allow you to use one set number of passes, some are set at 7 passes and others at like 35 passes (not all but some).

    All you will need to use Autoclave, is one 1.44Mb floppy.

    You can go Here to get the disk image,(i wasnt able to pull that page up in mozilla) so if you can't pull that up go Here and get the zip file, or just use IE to get the first link.

    The image's name is clave03.img.

    You can't download this image to the floppy just yet, you will need rawrite2.exe to get the image to floppy. You can get rawrite2.exe Here.

    Run rawrite2.exe and then type in the name of the image in the command prompt that it will bring up, in this case it's clave03.img, the program will then ask you to insert a floppy and after that just hit enter and your finished.

    To run Autoclave you just insert the floppy and reboot. When Autoclave boots up you will get a black screen with some intructions. Here is what it will look like

    Screenshot's . Just choose the drive you want to wipe, and then set the number of passes and your done. You can essentially find the same information on the site where autoclave is found, but this might be a little easier to understand for some people.

    I typically only use this program when I am about to reinstall, to remove the "bit rot" that may have piled up. It's always worked out well for me, I would say though if your looking for a quick way to wipe some files and not sanitize the entire drive, just use eraser which can be found Here .

    I know this is probably not nearly indepth info to be considered a "tutorial", so I put it in this forum, I'm kinda just getting my confidence up to maybe start writing a tut at some point.

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    Hard core. . . thanks framework...that's exactly the program I needed for my work computer for this summer (School budget cutbacks, and I may get fired, not that I have anything interesting on my system...just paranoid about anyone going through it...And I'll use this little beauty in case they do, not that it's going to hurt them even if I do, they can just image my system off someone elses...)
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    First off, I appreciate your kindness techtech. Yeah, I think Autoclave is underutilized as far as wipe utilities are concerned. You hardly ever hear about it. The thing I like most about Autoclave is you can choose the number of passes. Many of the wipe tools out there come with a very high set number of passes like 35, I think this turns many away from using them. This one's a keeper for sure. As with any wipe utility you have to exercise atleast a little patience.

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