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Thread: interesting for Newbies only

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    interesting for Newbies only

    My little help for newbies :-p

    5th Security ZONE in IE6

    You actually have a 5th, hidden, security zone in your IE6 Internet Options->Security->Zones know as "My Computer". Yep, you can protect yourself from your own system. It's normally kept hidden on purpose because the average user doesn't need to lock down their system THAT tight. But if you're a regular here, you're not that average. One other possible reason (just a guess) is that it might help stop the spread of trojans and bad ActiveX controls.

    "Flags"=dword: 0X00000021 (33) ---default

    change to

    "Flags"=dword: 0X00000001 (1)
    Now reboot or logoff and back on. My Computer should now be visible in the IE Security Zones selection.

    How to send anonymous e-mails????

    Click on start go to run type in Telnet iname.com 25..A black window will open. type in helo press enter.
    Type in mailFrom:<Whatever@whatever.Whatever>
    press enter
    Type in rcpt to:<?????@????.????>
    click enter.
    Typ in DATA press enter..
    type in Subject:Whatever..Then enter and type in your mail messege.
    when you're done type in "." click enter ..
    type in Quit enter and the mail-server will send the mail.....!!!!!

    Anonymous proxy Settings

    Open Internet Explore..click on tools-->Internet Option-->Connections-->Settings-->Then check "Use a proxy server for this connection(these settings will not aplly for other connections)--->in the adress box type in ""-->in the port box type in "3182"....that it ;-)

    Get IP over AIM

    Firstly, you will need to talk to the person on a chat program such as msn messenger, aim, yahoo messenger or something similar. At the dos prompt type 'netstat > temp1.txt' this will give the standard output, but the output will be routed into the file temp.txt (which if does not exist, will be created, and if does exist will be over written). Next you will need to establish a direct connection with the target computer, this can be done by initiating a file transfer. Whilst the file transfer is talking place you will need to once again type 'netstat >temp2.txt'. The next task is to compare the two files (temp1.txt and temp2.txt), the second file should contain an IP address that is not in the first, this new connection is the connection you initiated o the target computer, hence the IP address is the IP of your target.

    SMPT ( email server ...not sure if every one of them works)

    SMTP Servers!!!!!!!!

    Remove Hidden Programs from Windows XP

    Open up a folder ... go to tools -> folder options -> Click on View -> and show hidden files and folders- > open My Computer -> Windows directory -> open folder inf -> find the file Sysoc.inf -> open it and in the file u see something like this "msmsgs=msgrocm.dll,OcEntry,msmsgs.inf,hide7" this is just one program -> just delete the Hide text and save on exit -> go to Control Panel -> add remove programs -> add remove windows components-> u'll see the program listed....

    Stop Messenger Service

    Go to Control Panel Folder ... open Administrative tools .... choose Services ....find Messenger on the list....left Click and choose Properties....under Setup Type choose Disabled .... under Service Status click Stop..... messenger service is stopped for good

    Stop win XP error reporting

    Left click on My computer .... choose properties....choose Advanced .....At the bottom click on Error Reporting...choose Disable Error Reporting...

    activate XP firewall

    Choose Start-Control Panel-Network Connections. Then right-click on the icon that represents your dial-up, DSL, or cable Internet connection. Choose Properties. Click on the Advanced tab to see the area where you can turn on the firewall. This firewall will protect you from hackers trying to gain access to your computer but will not keep track of information that may be automatically sent to the Internet without your express permission.

    faster computer startup

    Go to RUN - type in "msconfig" without the quotes.- Click on Startup and Disable Every Option you dont need at startup.... restart your computer and see how much faster it loads :

    Heres a very nice REGISTRY tweak site for win xp:


    disable ICMP Redirect for security

    If your running server versions, add the following reg_dword in the location shown and set it to "0". This will help keep an icmp re-direct attack from taking over your server.


    Works with XP and win2

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    Thanks man i needed that start up thing. Works alot better now, and i mean alot faster

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    The anonymous e-mail did not work on port 25. It said "Cannot connect because the host actively refused it" or something to that effect.

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    telnet iname.com 25 - works fine by me

    try some of the other SMPT servers i listed above

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    Will do, oh and thanks a ton for that Remove Hidden Programs from Windows XP part. I finally got rid of MSN Messenger in it's entirety. I also found this while looking for other Anonymous E-Mail services. Anony

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    great site man .. now i dont have to use telnet anymore to send anon..messeges :-p ..... and no problem for Add Remove glad to help

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    I am pretty sure to someone who knows what they are doing they can trace the email and find out your ip and contact your isp and oops no more internet

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    This was great, I mean great my computer fires up like a brand new car. Startup is tuned up! Thank's Agin for giving newbies the info.
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    Leviathan: it's hard to trace anon mail through proxies, but that aside, according to US federal law, you can e-mail everyone in the world about anything you want (within legal limits) 1 time and not get in trouble, so I doubt 1 anon email is going to get your i-net shut off
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