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Thread: P2P behind firewall

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    P2P behind firewall

    It's not really a security question, bit I didn't knew where else to put it.
    On my work , I'm connected to an ethernet, with a firewall.
    The firewall only allows traffic through certain ports (80,..).
    How can I use a P2P program like Kazaa, torrent,.... ??


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    Ive said this in other posts and ill say it again. If this is your work system talk to the admin. Alot of offices have a ban on p2p programs cause they are bandwidth hogs and a cesspool of virii. Also if your company does NOT have a policy against them then your admin would probabaly help you get the program configured to run properly. Thats just my advice. But trying to do stuff behind the admins back is likely to get you fired

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    Yeha plus really what is the point of having a P2P program like Kazaa installed at work anyway? That is more of the stuff you should be doing at home. Because if you are downloading stuff, then are you working ;-)
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    You are not supposed to install this kind of software at work especially if you are working in a big company. It is strictly prohibited. By the way, your company can be sued for having pirated MP3 songs in their PC.

    Download it at home. Get an unlimited broadband connection.

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    at home I have telenet, so I can dl maximum 10Gig/month, so , that's why I want to download also on my work.

    thanks for your replies anyway.


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    so far as I know Andre, if your administrator set up firewall rulesets to block certain p2p network's ports (Kazaa's ports, Grokster's ports), you're basically beat. Being that you're at work, you also may want to be careful as my firewall logs (at home) record all activity, including attempted connections to blocked ports, so who knows what your administrator has set up and logged. You could get nailed just trying to connect to p2p networks without ever even seeing a successful connect, nevermind the legal implications that go along with using p2p networks. I have to ask out of curiosity, why would you risk losing your job for some music? can you use a friend's computer?
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