AO helps to persuade ISPs
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Thread: AO helps to persuade ISPs

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    AO helps to persuade ISPs

    Hey folks,
    u remember the thread started by cytex (here ) about its web site fraud.
    (its web site is and someone create a quasi identical site usurping the logo & etc at, doing that they were able to grab some credit card number & payments.. .)

    I did pm him to know about how he solve the problem, he achieve to get rid of the usurping by telling to the hosting isp that he published a thread about the problem. They immediately removed the usurping site because they care about bad publicity. ...

    The moral of the story is: AO means smth in the IP community & can help to fight back criminals.
    I'm glad to be a AO member today!
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    Im very glad to hear that it was taken care of. I was kinda wondering my self. Thanks for the update

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