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Thread: To do a market survey.

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    Lightbulb To do a market survey.

    hello everyone

    I'm planning to open a big company.
    However, it's regional based, it's a magazine.
    It's not computer-oriented, so i cannot hold surveys on a global level.

    I'm residing at New Delhi, India.
    That's the capital, if you already dont know.
    I need to do a survey, and are there any ideas except going to a survey company ,
    who will ask for a thousands ?

    Also, in india, people arent as message board savvy as in the US, so internet is a lay-off in this case.

    \"I have a 386 Pentium.\"

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    buy pop up adds off sites, or p2p like kazaa, or ask random people in india,

    oh ya btw, in india isn't illegal to have sex or buy condoms if you are under 21? Just wondering.

    oh my bad didn't read the part where u said that the Net was a lay off, so instead make a newspaper ad. or send out flyers, or questionaires through the mail offering stuff in they send it back to you.

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    Hello delta4ce,

    To begin with, ive considered the random asking part, but it's very tedious to do it alone.
    What do you mean by "mail offering stuff" ? Umm..first that would be spam, if im sending in mass, Second, hardly any will reply because they get no incentive for answering the questions.
    There arent too many, however, just a trickle.

    Lastly, it's illegal under 18. I'm 18, have had sex, and bought condoms,
    so, i figure, that solves the problem.
    \"I have a 386 Pentium.\"

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