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    Question IGMP V2 Membership Reports

    Anyone have any idea what software(s) generate
    these? I have several boxes on my net generating
    this traffic, Google searches and looking up the
    224.x.x.x addresses doesn't yield much useful info.

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    There are a number of devices that can generate this traffic. Example; a router, or a win server. If you are using a Cisco router, you can look at show ip igmp group. This will tell you if igmp is configured on the router and the hosts. Your servers probably have IGMP configured as well. Check the Routing and Remote Access tool to verify that its installed. The 224.x.x.x address is a group address user-defined on your devices.
    You can always sniff the igmp packets if need be.

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    hey, hey Dantel, looks like u do not control entirely your network!
    I'll try to help

    - but first of all there is a great chance that those packets are signalling & that u do not support Multicast routing protocol: Give the full IP dest will be helpful to tell u exactly what is generating those packets (u don't need to hide it).

    - As OS1 said there is plenty of reason for that. r u sure its IGMP packets (Check with a sniffer) or is it just IP multicast frames.

    - OSPF and RIP generates some 224.xxx.xxx.xxx frames. But that would mean that u have a router on a broadcast domain where clients are - From a first point of view the Net architecture would not be very good

    - A greater probability is that you forget to disable Spanning Tree Protocol on Client ethernet interface. But Its just a guess.
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