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Thread: Coca Cola Hacked

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    Coca Cola Hacked

    Coca-Cola said an Atlanta employee broke into the company's computer system and copied salaries and Social Security numbers for about 450 workers.

    When asked if the responsible party was fired, their reply was that "the appropriate disciplinary action has been taken with the employee."

    Seems a little evasive. You would think they would have no qualms with stating flat out that they fired him.

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    This is a sobering thing. To be hacked by one of your own. Just goes to show you some of your best time spent on security mesures lies outside the computer itself.

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    Maybe they had a mofia hit on the guy or something? That is weird though, it makes you wonder what happened to him. Or I wonder if somehow he was still able to blackmail the company?
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    I bet it was PepC from IRC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and hes not on....oh no! coke had him killed

    Its just like Scarface, if you control coke youv the the power

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    Saying what action they took against an employee could have legal ramifications down the road...evasive is better if you want to survive.
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    Timely reminder that is reinforced by most security professionals that the biggest threat to your network if from the inside - the best firewall in the world is not going to protect you from someone who has internal access to the network in the first place.

    I am sure the company will deal with it in their own way according to their policies in regards to these matters ..... where I work (and very sensitive material on lots of people can be easily accessed) breaches in computer security leads to dismissal .... no questions asked, no grounds for appeal ... your warned from the outset so its up to the individual if they wish to risk their job.

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    Re: Coca Cola Hacked

    When asked if the responsible party was fired, their reply was that "the appropriate disciplinary action has been taken with the employee."
    That's the standard response from most companies to such a situation, they usually don't give out any other details for legal reasons (e.g. you're usually not allowed to name the employee that was fired, in case it goes to an industrial tribunal or something).
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