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    Talking Anyone For A Laugh

    I just heard some interesting facts on the radio that some of you may find hilarious (I Did) here they are and I can guarantee that this is true

    did you know that the most common question in the uk technicial support lines is where is the "any key" it is unbelievable but guaranteed true

    and one bloke who they where speaking said the most bizarre call he has had is when some one was installing something that consisted of two floppy discs and they put in the first disc until it said insert disc two then they jammed in disc two with disc one in at the same time

    anyone who was listening to radio 2 in the uk at 5:00pm-7:00Pm yesterday (14th May) would of heard it too

    I apoligize to those have heard this info before but could you please reply to prove to those who don't beleive me that it is genuine

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    Yes, yes, this has been heard many times and has no doubt really happened...

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    ...Shouldn't this be in the Humor Forum?

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    **Thread moved from Misc. Security to Tech Humor**

    Official Compaq Any Key Knowledge Base Entry: http://web14.compaq.com/falco/detail.asp?FAQnum=FAQ2859
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