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Thread: Crack for AWARD Modular BIOS 6.0

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    Crack for AWARD Modular BIOS 6.0

    I need a password crack for Crack for AWARD Modular BIOS 6.0, if anyone has one or knows where to get it please help

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    Hmmm....how about a reason or a scenario in which you can explain why you would need a program like this
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    you can "crack" the bios on any system by following this procedure:

    attach 18 gauge wires to a 9 volt battery
    touch wire to negative terminal on battery to pin 1 of BIOs chip
    touch wire to positive terminal on battery to pin 9 of BOIS chip..


    your bios is cracked...

    you're welcome
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    Gawd damn... you're still at it? Haven't you learned from your previous three threads about the same thing? Asking it in a different way isn't going to make any difference. Some good responses have already been posted to your other threads. Why not read those? If those don't help with what you want to do, then you're probably doing something you shouldn't be, in which case you might as well turn yourself into whoever administers the machine your trying to crack so they can send you to the appropriate authorities. :-D


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    Why would you want to crack the bios? I think you just wanna crack the password of some public pc or a pc at school but I'll help you though because I once forgot the password of my BIOS and needed to reset it too. Just search for a bios resetter on google or something...

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    I don't know if what you want to do is legal or not, but I found myself in the same situation once so presuming what you are doing is legal I will help you. In the command prompt type 'debug' and hit enter. Then type o 70 2e and hit enter. Type o 71 ff, hit enter and then type q. Voila! your bios password has been reset. I'm not sure if this method works properly in Windows XP though.

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    If one third of the brain was only 10% used and only 99% of that was on how to use the search function.. ALL of the helpful answers and more would have been revealed had he just did a search..

    Gee after scanning through some of the results, a few pages in I even found out how to.... ahh better not say here but needless to say .. I thought it could be done now I know how..

    Oh and I didn't check the tutorials forum, I know there is a ripper link's Post there that is handy as well .. I may even check that out .. later

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    sharpshooter....tried it ...work on XP very nice

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