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    Unhappy Some one keeps trying to hack my computer and almost suceeded!

    Hello all 1st of all i want to thank all of u who try to help a fellow friend out, keep up the good work one day i hope to repay the help,

    Now i been getting hacked by the same ip range for a week now, i had to shut my compute on the spot ause sum lil kid almost succeeded entering my computer, and i wish i knew a way to get him back, i guess i'm still learning, - this are the last ip # they tryed to use, everyday they come with a different ip but its within the same range, Does anyone know a way i could hack em in steps or if u could really help me out and hack this lil punks for me, i have a computer i also run my bussiness on and i can't be caught up on loosing the info in it, PLease SOME HELP!

    THank you very much!

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    Why dont you get a firewall? sygate is pretty good. By the way, i wouldn't ask people how to hack somebody when this board is to help fix security holes and such.

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    Get a firewall. ZoneAlarm is my weapon of choice, but there are others that are great, like blackice and tinyfirewall. It's all up to you, but I recommend getting something.

    Also, to avoid pissing people off, try not posting multiple threads in different forums. I know you're new, and I really don't care, as long as you don't do it regularly.

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    How do you know they are "almost getting in". Where are you getting the ip information? Thats a pretty broad range so i dont think its just one person. Hacking somebody back is not a good idea. BIG trouble awaits at the end of that path. Not to mention at that point you have lowerd yourself to their level.

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