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    Lightbulb Very interesting security site ...

    Hey all,

    Today I came up on a very interesting security site, with latest warnings tools, etc....
    Some of you may know it, some of you may not, I'm not sure, but I hope it ain't posted before. Anyway I bookmarked it....


    Hope you like it...

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    Stumbled across this board on computer security - its not AO but has potential


    Sorry if it has been mentioned before but it didn't come up in a quick search.

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    SecurityFocus this week posted an article about the government watch lists that are tracking "dangerous" people and terrorists. They said there are too many agencies watching the same thing which leads to redundancy and also to confusion. (Here is the article )

    I think this is a great resource, but the government seems to have many. There are a variety of organizations and agencies all maintaining their own information security web sites and email alerts and bulletins.

    The CIAC may rate a threat one way and the NIPC may rate it another. Or, they could both agree and send out redundant bulletins. Either way it seems that there are tax dollars and manhours that could be put to better use.

    Many of these have been pulled under the umbrella of the Homeland Security Department, but still operate separately. It would seem logical and fiscally responsible for them to consolidate them at some point into one central Homeland Security information security web site and email alerting system.

    I am on many of the mailing lists. What used to simply be the daily NIPC bulletin is now the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) IAIP (Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection) Daily Bulletin. I think they are working to consolidate some of this stuff, but I still get the DHS/IAIP daily bulletin as well as CIAC bulletins and a few other miscellaneous alerts and bulletins from various government agencies and organizations.

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