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Thread: Matrix uses real tools and exploit

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    Talking Matrix uses real tools and exploit

    From theregister.com

    Its good to see at least one movie that shows real computer tools (as opposed to that good awful seen in Jurassic park where the kid "hacks" a "Unix" system by opening a bunch of folders.)

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    Thats awsome never really paid that much attention to the movie. Well later man im off to go watch the movie.

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    That's great.. I guess I wasn't paying enough attention. I noticed the use of ssh and was impressed by that.. but I hadn't noticed the previous text. then I again I wa sin the front row (stupid packed theatre) and it was hard to see anything.

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    Haven't seen the movie yet, but thats sweet, it's about time a movie shows something more realistic when it comes to computer use.
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    /me has not seen movie

    its convienent in a time saving manor for the movie to not show how the error in ssh was discovered and the ficticious program written to exploit the error.

    also, its going to look really dated when ipv6 comes out. they should have used v6 or v12, and sshv8.
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    Matrix Reloaded will get to Finland on 21st of May... The theatre made the tickets available at the web only, their servers went totally crazy and crashed several times. I don't even know yet when I'm going to see the movie but I definitely will go.

    About Trinity's exploit, read Fyodor's post and see some screenshots from the hacking scene! Funny enough that this SSHv1 CRC32 vulnerability was found almost 200 years before the time the movie takes place. Matrix admins have been really lazy with their security updates.
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    I'v already seen it.. :P
    It isn't as good as I'd hoped....but it's worth watching....also, it's made so that you'll have to go see the third one....oh well....it's still very good

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