So I'm on IRC connect to a network with one of the now millions of XDCC channels out there (not downloading copy writed material!) and I decided to join one of there chat channels. After a wile I was talking to this self proclaimed Ub3r 31337 #4x0r d00d5 about how he gets the bots. All he really told me was that he gained access via Netbios. Now my question _isnt_
"how do i hack netbios", but rather how would i protect my little network from this when im thinking about trying to setup netbios/sharing on my lan? I've skimmed threw googles finding and the only thing I could come across would be to eather A) buy a router (but im to poor) B) setup a linux box (witch I'm really not formillur with) Is there any other sugestions that could help protect me, re-wiring my network isnt a problem, anything to protect me from being a victom from some idiot with some stolen rootkit. Thanks in advance to anyone who even checks out this post.