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    How to connect Linux with Windoof in a LAN?

    hey i have big problem....i have a computer with Linux Red Hat 9 and one with Win98...i have a ethernet card in both of them but how can they share dats etc???

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    I have a Mandrake machine that serves as my gateway to the internet and a Window 2000 one behind it and sounds similar to what you are trying to do.

    Firstly make sure you are running "crossover" network cable between the two for network card to network card connection, if going through a hub you will need straight through cable. There is plenty of info on the internet about this.

    Just make sure that you assign each machine an IP address in the appropriate networking section (i.e for one and for the other) and then test by trying to ping each machine's IP. If you cant ping the linux box make sure you have the IP of the Windows box in your /etc/hosts.allow file .... once they are "talking" to each other you are pretty much home and hosed ..... just some the fine tuning to do, firewall etc.... and you are away.

    This is very brief but I have found most modern linux distro's set things up out of the box for you .... just a matter of answering the right questions when asked. I am not familiar with RH9 but I am sure it would have a Control Center like Mandrake that lets you configure networking pretty easily. I am sure someone will elaborate or correct any of my mistakes.

    For file/drive/print sharing you need to do a bit of reading about Samba. This is another subject altogther and too lengthy to go into here.

    Just snooping around this site and this thread may be of help too: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=243769

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    U can use SWAT to configure your samba , some info here : http://samba.linuxbe.org/en/samba/learn/swat.html
    and a usefull tool if you like a more gui-like linux network browser , then try Linneighborhood.
    You can get Linneighborhood here : http://rpmfind.net/linux/RPM/Madeinl...5mlx.i386.html

    Anyway google/linux can be helpful too
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    ohh thx these tools helps me very much

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    using smbmount does the trick also:

    mount -t smbfs -o username=yourUserneme,password=yourPassword //<ip address of other computer>/shareName /mnt/share
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    You could setup an FTP server on both, the linux propably allready has one, and for the win box it isn't that hard...

    just my little idea about it..

    ow and if you wanna go thrue with the samba, use LinNeighbourhood it's a realy easy Samba client GUI
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    I agree the_JinX. FTP will do it.
    ppl like IETF r working hard to design STANDARDs excatly for that purpose, whatever the OS u r using, what ever the net looks like standards solve ur pbs.

    I always wondered why ppl wanted M$ like GUI using netbios or whatever since FTP applications already offer it in a standard way (e.g. Godzilla)........
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